Week 39: 52 Bags in 52 Weeks

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This year, Jill & I have resolved to de-clutter our lives, one week (and one bag) at a time.   You can do the same!

Every week, we tackle something else, with the bags leaving the house through recycling, donations to Goodwill, women & children shelters or the trash …

Week 39 (written by Jill this week):

I pulled out a random box from the crawlspace to find a bunch of college stuff: photos, class schedules, offer letters, a handwritten list of movies that my firned Gina & I wanted to rent, and tons of other stuff.

Any photos worth saving were filed in the appropriate photo boxes, but just about all of the paperwork was recycled.

The best find? A letter from my Dad that starts with this paragraph:  “This is my new computer at work.  We have Microsoft Office, so this is practice for me.  I have never used this before.”

He then printed it and took a red pen to it. Fixed it and reprinted it while playing with various fonts.



Next week: We need ideas …

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