The Reason I Live With No Regret

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More than anything in my life, I’ve found that the truth will set you free.

The reason I try to live with no guilt or regret … this past weekend, I returned home with my sisters to empty my dad’s home & office, as he just passed away unexpectedly.

We weren’t very close at the time of his death, through none of my own actions, but our relationship continues to teach me one thing … to be better with my kids, every day, every chance I get.

Roy asked me recently to carry him to bed, and I said no (he’s 5 ½, he was being whiny, etc.). Jill quietly reminded me that he’s not going to ask me to do that forever, and a lightbulb went off in my head. I scooped him up.

Same thing when Vivian asked me if she could paint my fingernails. Absolutely!

More than ever before, these past few days have reinforced that I’m not promised anything. None of us are.

Take advantage of every moment you have. Make the best with what you’re given. Tell the ones you love that you care about them. Every day. Share your joy with your family.

Be the bigger person. Sometimes even a smile to a complete stranger can have the largest impact of their entire day, and you may never know it.

Above all, don’t take a second for granted because the next one may not be there.

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