0 FANTASY FOOTBALL: How’s your season?

So glad my brother-in-law Joel finally got me into fantasy football this year, but my addiction has taken a turn for the worse.

I find myself contantly monitoring my players’ lack of points acquisition / ability, rather than enjoying the games as a whole.

For example, due to the Cowboys lack of anything hot last night (at least until the 4th quarter), I am one point behind my opponent.  If one of the Charger tight-ends does anything tonight for MNF, I’ll beat him.

A pretty slow weekend for fantasy. How did you do so far?

0 A Bears loss put in perspective

Even with my two favorite women donning their Bears gear, the guys couldn’t pull out a win …

But this morning, Vivian confirmed her first real word, so it’s all good at our house (and there’s always next year)!

Her word?  “Uh-oh!”   Remember your kids’ first words?  Share above!

0 Your Bears Sunday morning menu!

Although deep dish pizza & Italian sausages are always on the menu for Bears games, you have to start the day off right:


The secret ingredient at our house is the Guinness (between the vodka & the bloody mary mix) … what about yours?  Share above!

0 The creation of a snowman is an art form!

My son Roy & I decided to make our first snowman together this morning … first the arms and eyes, then a Chicago Bears hat & scarf.


Here Roy is debating whether the carrot is better used as a snowman nose – or a mid-morning snack!




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