0 HEAR: Cody Whitehair From The Chicago Bears Talks #SaluteToService With Drew!

Cody Whitehair from the Bears called me today to chat all about his favorite country star Luke Combs, the Bears’ #SaluteToService week, their efforts towards recognizing all the great work our veterans have done for our country, why the 30th annual Bears Coat Drive is so important at this time of year + much more >>>>

0 12 in ’12: Every little bit helps!

There’s a lot you can recycle in your daily life & every little bit counts …

All of your plastic bags can be recycled, just like this:

Newspaper sleeves, bread bags, sandwich bags, the liners from your cereal boxes, you name it.   Keep them in one place & return them to the grocery store each time you go … Dominicks, Jewel & Target all offer plastic bag recycling at the front of each location!

All the bags are recycled, and none wind up in the trash!