Week 52: 52 Bags In 52 Weeks

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Our quest to de-clutter our lives continues, one week (and one bag) at a time.   You can do the same!

Week 52 (written by Jill):

The almost 8-year-old diaper pail (a hand-me-down to us), that has truly extended its useful life, is getting pitched today. If I thought I could clean it enough to make it reusable, I would – but the scent of 8 years of poopy diapers just isn’t something that you can get rid of!

Our goal for 2012 – get Vivian potty-trained ASAP! Until that happens, we will just use bread bags, newspaper bags, etc. to gather the diapers for alley trash disposal.


Thanks for following and helping along our journey in 2011. Moving forward, we’re going to make it a continued goal to keep our house & lives de-cluttered. Have you made the same decision in your house?

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