Week 44: 52 Bags in 52 Weeks

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Our quest to de-clutter our lives continues, one week (and one bag) at a time.   You can do the same!

Every week, we tackle something else, with the bags leaving the house through recycling, donations to Goodwill, women & children shelters or the trash …

Week 44:

Still catching up, so we added more to the clothes donation pile:

– 1 sweater, 1 shirt, 1 pair of flip-flops (a gift, still new, but wrong size)
– 1 baby-size jacket (Vivian outgrew it)
– 1 blender

– 3 pairs of old Converse shoes

Everything but the shoes went to our friends at Donate Illinois.

The shoes go back to my local Converse store, which has a recycling program to re-purpose the materials for future green use (details HERE).

As you switch your summer/winter clothes between closets soon, I think organizational expert Peter Walsh‘s advice is essential … you should only own clothes that are in these three categories:

* Clothes that fit you
* Clothes that make you feel good
* Clothes that you’ve worn in the past twelve months

Anything not in those categories?  Get rid of it!


Next week:  … maybe more from the garage before winter sets in?

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