Cody Whitehair from the Chicago Bears – 10.27.21

What is Cody Whitehair’s favorite cheat meal in Libertyville? What country star is he trying to see incognito next month? The one Halloween candy he never traded as a kid?

All this and more in a fun conversation with our favorite Bears offensive lineman here >>>

Scotty McCreery – 09.24.21

It was great to catch up with Scotty McCreery this morning from his house in North Carolina.

Why was he calling me from the spare bedroom? What’s his favorite cuss word that’s not a cuss word? What really surprised him about the US*99 fan who won Scotty #CountryOKE this week?

All this and more with Scotty here >>>

Officer Matt from the La Grange Park Police Department – 07.16.21

Drew chats with Officer Matt from the La Grange Park police department about this year’s 2-night event in the community, National Night Out, coming up early next month >>>

Brett Young – 07.02.21

Why has Brett Young been making us look bad throughout the entire pandemic? What note does he regret adding to his new hit “Not Yet”? What does he have more of, at his house, than any other person? What do his buddies ask him to cook for the July 4th holiday weekend?

Super fun to catch up with Brett this morning >>>

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts – 04.30.21

From his ranch in Tennessee (where he shot the video for his new gospel single), we got to catch up with Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts this morning, so fun!

We chatted about “getting cheated by COVID, darnit!,” Flex Tape, that one night back in September 2007, the Chicago memorabilia in his garage & much more >>>

Justin Moore – 04.29.21

When Justin Moore calls early, you answer the phone early! We chatted about his new smash “We Didn’t Have Much,” his wife’s “mini-collection” in the kitchen, the influence that Tim McGraw has had on him, why his parents help make the perfect pandemic #DateNight a possibility & much more >>>.

Tenille Arts – 04.22.21

Tenille Arts called Drew to catch up on all things ACMs, her birthday week, ketchup-flavored potato chips (!), the performance that got her all steamy & so much more >>>

Ingrid Andress – 04.14.21

Fun to grab a quick chat with Ingrid Andress early this morning ~ we talked about her *only person in country music* Grammy nomination, her pandemic “self care”, the first thing she’d do to change the world (LOVE this answer) & much more >>>

Lady A – 03.23.21

How fun to get a call from Lady A this morning? I think I might’ve startled them though when they picked up the phone … that, or the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet!

Listen below as we chat about their new smash “Like A Lady” that has *32* of them on it, why they feel that we’re soooooo close, Hillary’s bracket challenge with her husband that leads to a mountain vacation getaway and much more >>>

Darius Rucker – 02.19.21

Always fun to catch up with Darius Rucker, he called me this morning to chat about early morning rituals, the greatest BBQ in South Carolina, the one question I asked that completely stumped him + so much more >>>>

Lady A – 01.06.21

First celebrity to call the show in 2021 – hello Charles Kelley of Lady A!

Great to catch up with him … we talked #50FirstsIn50Weeks, his favorite holiday event, when they’ll be back in Chicago for live music + much more >>>

Matt Stell – 10.30.20

We haven’t talked to Matt Stell all year, so it was great to catch up with him this morning!

He called me to chat about the two reasons he taught himself to play guitar in college (just like Kenny Chesney & Luke Combs!), how his Halloween preferences are the exact opposite of what we’d expect, what’s on his horizon & more >>>>>

Jordan Davis – 10.23.20

Why does he love sweatshirt weather so much? What is UP with his dog Victoria? Is he ready to take on Chris Janson in a battle of the acoustic shows?

All questions that were answered today when Jordan Davis called me to chat about life, music, his #HalloweenCountryThrowdown concert next Friday night in Hoffman Estates & much more >>>>

Brothers Osborne – 10.09.20

The deep voices, the shredding guitars : it must be Brothers Osborne!

Loved catching up with John & TJ this morning. Their new album “Skeletons” is out today … we talked about my #MisheardLyrics in the new hit “All Night”, their nod to Billy Idol, how Eddie Van Halen shaped their lives / craft, their Mom who still comes over every day in charge of *this*, and much more >>>>>>

Ingrid Andress – 10.08.20

When she called this morning, Ingrid Andress had no idea that she was our *last concert* before the world turned upside down – US*99 New Country Night Out back in February at Joe’s Live in Rosemont!

We chatted about that, her #LadyLike deluxe EP out tomorrow, her dream trip if she had one week’s notice back in early March, her favorite new toy & more >>>>

Tim McGraw – 10.05.20

In country music, there is no one like Tim McGraw and we were so excited to get a call from him this morning!

He checked in to tell us about life these last few months, Chicago memories, his latest musical binges, what a “hit axle” is and why he bought it during the pandemic, plus much more >>>>>

Kane Brown – 09.24.20

Kane Brown’s performance last week on the ACMs, with the choir in the balcony … it was incredible!

He called this morning to chat about all the new music he’s been pumping out (Mixtape: Volume 1), his ACMs performance, life revelations on being a new Dad, his pandemic purchase that his wife didn’t understand at first, who his biggest hero is and more >>>>

Riley Green – 09.16.20

It’s been a HOT minute since we caught up with our ACMs New Male Artist of the Year Riley Green!

Ahead of his performance tonight at the Ryman, he called me to chat about the first person he called after his win (& they already knew!), what a perfect day in quarantine looks like for him, the app he just downloaded that you [probably] haven’t heard of, why he’s a fan of Jon Pardi right now & more >>>>>

Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts – 09.14.20

It was supposed to be the summer of Rascal Flatts with their Farewell Tour!

So good to catch up with Jay DeMarcus and his wife Allison this morning … we talked music, life at home in the pandemic, why Allison loves her kids’ teachers SO MUCH, and why the “overspend” in their life in the last few months *keeps* arriving at the doorstep >>>>>

Thomas Rhett – 08.31.20

Who doesn’t love an early Monday morning call from Thomas Rhett ?!?! Great to catch up with him this morning …

We talked about #BeALight benefiting #MusiCares, life at home, his side hustle right now, what his wife Lauren says he’s NOT allowed to do in the pandemic, why Chicago is his “second home,” what took him 5 tries “to get it right” in the backyard this month + memories of his very first performance at Joe’s Bar back in 2009 >>>>>>

Phil Vassar – 08.25.20

It’s been a HOT minute since we’ve caught up with our friend Phil Vassar … great to hear his voice & laugh this morning, hours before he launches his new Phil Vassar #PianoBar cover series online at 7pm!

We chatted about the artists who’ve influenced him the most over the years (for his favorite covers), what famous friends we can expect to stop by, his new #StayHome hobby that just took him 5 longs days of hard labor, memories of Joe’s Bar and Chicago, food indulgences he wishes he hadn’t enjoyed so much & more >>>>

Luke Bryan – 08.11.20

The new album “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here” is available everywhere now and “One Margarita” just notched Luke Bryan his 25th career #1 hit … amazing!

Super fun to catch up with him this morning … Luke told us his thoughts on the missed Wrigley Field concert this summer, the never-ending bucket list at home, fly fishing with his kids, why he hopes his truck “modification” [that made us laugh so much] isn’t illegal, music he’s digging from Parker McCollum & much more >>>>

Chris Janson – 08.06.20

It’s been a hot minute since we caught up with our 2019 #US99StarsAndStrings headliner – cool to chat with Chris Janson this monring!

We talked about fishing (his recommendation is key!), what he’s avoiding on the farm during the pandemic, how he envisioned #Done to be #1 back at #US99StarsAndStrings in December, why he hasn’t played his harmonica in two months and much more >>>>

Brett Young – 08.05.20

FUN to catch up with Brett Young this morning! He called me to chat about life with a 9-month-old at #StayHome, the moment he didn’t miss & will cherish forever, thoughts on adding to his armsleeve tattoo, why he’s laughing in admiration of Billy Currington & much more >>>>>

Dan + Shay – 07.31.20

We’ve missed Dan + Shay in Chicago, haven’t we?

The guys called me this morning to chat about their brand-new hit “I Should Probably Go To Bed,” life in quarantine, the artist they’re loving today who is *not* D&S, the house project that took 14 hours a day for 7 days (!) plus much more >>>>

Brett Eldredge – 07.10.20

Brett Eldredge’s new album “Sunday Drive” is out today and he called me to chat about all of it, including the fact that he recorded the entire project in Wicker Park incognito (!), his go-to food order in Chicago during that time, being back on a smartphone, why Mental Health is so important to him, his running soundtrack & much more >>>>>

Cole Swindell – 07.08.20

Cole Swindell called me early this morning (rockin’ a MONSTER energy drink!) to chat about our Chicago schweaty heat, summer, baseball, Wrigley Field, his birthday month, DIY quarantine projects, new music & much more >>>>>

Welz Kauffman of Ravinia – 03.12.20

Carrie Underwood for two nights? One with a band and the other, an Orchestra? Sheryl Crow as well?

Yup, that’s what this summer’s lineup at Ravinia Festival features (and so much more!).

Welz Kauffman called Drew to talk about the lineup, the new amenities for guests this summer & some of his favorite Ravinia/country music memories in his last 20 years >>>>>>

Jordan Davis – 01.08.20

Jordan Davis called me early this morning from tour rehearsals (!) to chat about his new #DadLife, why his wife could be a consultant for our Chicago Bears, the last app he’s downloaded [that you’ve NEVER heard of before] & much more!

Can’t wait to see him Saturday night at Joe’s Live in Rosemont for the #TroubleTown tour >>>>>


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