Week 40: 52 Bags in 52 Weeks

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This year, Jill & I have resolved to de-clutter our lives, one week (and one bag) at a time.   You can do the same!

Every week, we tackle something else, with the bags leaving the house through recycling, donations to Goodwill, women & children shelters or the trash …

Week 40:

After our Saturday plans were thwarted by Vivian’s nasty cold, I climbed further into the crawl space and found (and threw out) an old, dusty computer bag and 2 folding chair bags.

We also found a bin labeled “Painting Supplies”. Perfect timing! Reason being: a couple weeks ago, we had some boards replaced on our fence and I’d planned to run to the store to pick up small rollers, but we already had some in the bin, along with a tray liner!

That said, some of the stuff in the bin was WAY old and we disposed of those items as well: a bunch of used brushes, 3 tubes of old painters’ caulk, and a tube of contact cement.

We also found more bins of Jill’s old CDs – tackling those next week…


Next week: Filing CDs and recycling all the packaging (gaining space too) …

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