0 A Few Words, After An Awful 24 Hours For Our Country Music Family

Words I wrote to open the show today:

So much sadness yesterday. Now more than 24 hours out, we’re still beginning to let it all soak in. I was in bed last night at 9:30, with melatonin to try and make sure I’d sleep. But I kept waking up to the sounds we all heard yesterday in all those videos.

This morning, making the kids’ lunches, getting them out to school, taking the Metra downtown, having time in my thoughts … what really struck me was the courage of the first responders. The courage of the country music fans who are just like you and me. Helping one another. In a place they were all excited to go to, for their love of country music. Just like you and I have done countless times in Chicago.

Garth Brooks said some great words yesterday that resonated with me as well:

“When things go bad, doctors go to work. When things go bad, policemen go to work. When things go bad, music & musicians go to work … they need ya. Things have gone bad, they need music, they need the power of that healing. The show must go on … start spreading the love, the greatest power that music holds, which is the power to heal.”

I truly believe these words, for all of us. Lots of love from me to you. Again, for all of us.

0 LISTEN: Dan & Shay Tell Drew Why They’re #Obsessed With Chicago!

The new album “Obsessed” is available everywhere today and the guys gave us a quick call from backstage in Tampa, Florida!

Listen below as we chat about the new album, the hashtag that Keith Urban created & texted to them, what’s on their cell phone playlist, why Chicago is truly #1 (the fun fact of the day!), whether they’d go on a dating reality TV show themselves (after performing on one!) and much more:

0 LISTEN: Jake Owen Chats With Drew Backstage At #StarsAndStrings

Jake Owen is a country superstar and we were so thrilled to see him back in US99.5 Country!

He stopped by the show yesterday to chat about his daughter Pearl’s Halloween habits, what one piece of Chicago he’d like to have (if it wasn’t 1,000 calories), the recording process of his new album, why Chicago is such a special place for him & much more ::: enjoy below!

0 Brett Eldredge Calls Drew To Chat About Life & His New Album Out Today!

It’s a great day when you pick up the phone and Brett Eldredge is on the other end ::: he dialed me up this morning to chat about “Illinois,” his new album out today!

I asked him why he didn’t just call it “Chicago” (duh!), plus we talked about his scary NASCAR experience, his tour with Thomas Rhett this fall, emojis, superpowers, and much more.

Brett laughs a LOT, enjoy the conversation below:

0 Drew’s #PenOfTheDay – Custom Home Care in Chicago

Such a great way to come back from the weekend with today’s #PenOfTheDay package, as it has a letter signed by every single employee (all 12 of them)!

MAJOR love to Carrie, Krystal, Katrina, Vicki, Liza, Lois, Christy, Grace, Tamara, Matthew, Shawn & Mary at Custom Home Care in Chicago … they care for over 300 seniors throughout Chicago!

Can you help me too, please? Send your pens here:

pen day address