0 Drew’s #PenOfTheDay – Ribbons Of Love Embroidery In Skokie

Today’s #PenOfTheDay package is pretty incredible, because not only did it have a few pens in it (thank you!) but also two embroidered t-shirts for Roy & Viv, sporting the Skokie Fire Department emblems!

MANY THANKS to Tom & Chris at Ribbons Of Love Embroidery (847 815 3410, or taf59@att.net), as well as Nancy at the Skokie Fire Department for the kind gifts!

I’m good to go for a few days now, can you send me a pen for next week, please? Address below:

pen day address

0 What’s The Craziest Item On Your Kids’ Christmas List?

Hey, intern Dom here!

Around Christmas time, kids sometimes ask for the most over-the-top, unattainable things, right? Santa Claus is working hard in the North Pole to bring them exactly what they want, so why not take full advantage of it!

Check out this 7-year-old’s Christmas list HERE …

Some of the items on the list:

  • $1,000
  • A new canopy that glows up.
  • All of the beanie babies!

What’s the most over-the-top item on your son or daughter’s list? Share with us here!

0 What’s The Greatest Thing The Tooth Fairy Has Delivered To Your House?

An amazing night at our house last night, as the Tooth Fairy made her first-ever visit … our 6-year-old Roy put his lower front tooth under the pillow, and when he woke up, a gleaming 5-dollar bill was in its place!

Jill & I couldn’t believe how much the Tooth Fairy has increased her giving since we were kids and got quarters. Has she ever brought something truly interesting or BIG to your house?

0 Where Do You Hide From Your Kids?

Hey, intern Dom here!

A recent survey found that 2/3 of moms say they have hidden in the bathroom for alone time (it’s pretty well documented mothers want more time to themselves!).

Is this you? Where’s your favorite spot to disappear for a bit?

0 Ever Catch Your Babysitter Doing Something Unusual?

A family in Charleston, NC was alerted to something fishy when their “always good-natured” dog started to growl every time the babysitter entered the room … after leaving an iPhone recording audio under the couch one morning, the young parents learned that the babysitter had been physically abusing their 5-month-old (!).

Thank goodness for the dog!

Ever noticed anything crazy happening when you arrived home unexpectedly?