0 OMG: Jay Z Paid How Much For A Bar Tab?

Do you remember the most amount of money you’ve ever picked up for a friend’s bar tab? Birthday celebration? Bachelor party? Graduation?

Jay-Z took some pals out for a birthday celebration over the weekend and his server posted the receipt on their Snapchat account.

O. M. G.

0 Midland Stops By The Studio To Chat With Drew!

These guys are soooooooo talented!

I love Friday surprises like this … found out Midland was coming in at 11:30a at about 9:45a!

Mark, Jess & Cam are opening for Little Big Town tonight – we talked about that, oysters for Valentine’s Day, how Garth Brooks’ words for them meant so much last year, what they want to try overseas next month at the #C2C Festival & so much more >>>>>