0 DREW’S PHOTO & VIDEO RECAP: Saturday At Soldier Field Was A Blast!

Such a fun, long day with lots of friends at Soldier Field … I think my favorite part, besides all the music, because it was such an unexpected surprise?  Running into Faith Hill backstage with her kids!

I took LOTS of photos (click HERE) and 99-second VIDEO clips of Kenny (click HERE) and Tim (click HERE) performing on stage!

What was your favorite memory?  Share with us!

0 FANTASY FOOTBALL: How’s your season?

So glad my brother-in-law Joel finally got me into fantasy football this year, but my addiction has taken a turn for the worse.

I find myself contantly monitoring my players’ lack of points acquisition / ability, rather than enjoying the games as a whole.

For example, due to the Cowboys lack of anything hot last night (at least until the 4th quarter), I am one point behind my opponent.  If one of the Charger tight-ends does anything tonight for MNF, I’ll beat him.

A pretty slow weekend for fantasy. How did you do so far?

0 Trying a new Bears recipe this weekend!

Got a tasty recipe from listener Alia in northwest Indiana … sounds perfect for the Bears-Packers game!

Crescent Roll-Ups


1 package crescent rolls
1 package Philly Cream Cheese with chives
1 package thinly-sliced lunch meat (either turkey or ham, your preference)


Unpackage the crescent roll and roll it out completely.  Spread the cream cheese over the entire roll, then add the meat on top (as little or much as you’d like).

Roll it all up and cut into individual slices (your choice on the size, whether thin or fat).   Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees, for 12 minutes or so, until golden brown and bubbly.


Alia notes: I’ve had more success with whipped cream cheese.  Hope you love this treat as much as I do.