0 Why Twitter is more than just the “new tech craze”

I’m still learning the ropes of this stuff, but I like it.  Someone else compared it to a classroom where you never have to raise your hand.  If you’re open to it, you can learn more in a few hours on Twitter, than surfing the web all day searching for the same information.  News, traffic, weather, and often, all before it has hit mainstream channels.

Sign up today, and let’s keep in touch.  Any suggestions on making it better?  Fire away.

Until then, let’s tweet together HERE.

0 Kellie Pickler is hot for HIM?

What a great afternoon yesterday … a live audience of 120+ from Pheasant Run Mega Center in St. Charles, and Kellie Pickler stopped by too!

She told me about her big plans for 2009, whom she admires most, what movie star turns her ON like no other, and much more!

If you missed our conversation, you can listen to it at the Podcast page.

Stay warm today, and I’ll see you tonight for the US 99.5 After Party with Jimmy Wayne!

0 Text me at US 99.5, starting next week

Another day of below-zero temperatures, and my wife Jill is convinced we need to insulate our kitchen (it’s the coldest room in our house, directly above the only unfinished room in the basement).  Seeing that they probably had little, extra insulation in 1924, I agree.

I’m waiting for the high of 5 at lunchtime.

But the big news this morning … 287-995.  Those 6 simple digits are the new text number for US 99.5!

Starting next week, you’ll be able to text to win, text to chat, text for whatever reason you’d like.  If you can’t get through on the phone and you’re away from e-mail, texting is the way to go!

On that note, who are you texting the most every day?  10 messages?  20 messages?  50 messages?

Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.

0 If Obama can give up his Blackberry …

I realize it’s super cold today.  It’s -7 outside.  Everyone’s talking about it.  Yes, it’s cold.  Bundle up.

This, on top of all of the recent snow.  I snapped a few shots from our backyard.  Have any of yours to share?


Our patio table with a foot-plus of snow on top

Our patio table with a foot-plus of snow on top

Our grill, unattainable.  Look at the the drifts on the baby gate.

Our grill, unattainable. Look at the the drifts on the baby gate.


I heard yesterday that Barack Obama is fighting to keep his Blackberry, more than any prior president has fought to keep outside communication.

It’s his dream job, he’s the most powerful person in America, and yet, he still can’t give up the Blackberry.  Maybe it *is* what some people call it:  the Crackberry.

If you could have your dream job, what would you be willing to give up?  In any other circumstance, NO WAY.  But for the dream job?

Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.

0 The first US 99.5 peeps to Twitter

We talked about it on the show yesterday … have you heard of Twitter yet?  To tweet, for short?

It’s a new, completely simple way to stay connected with your friends, and it’s fun.  You can do it online, from your cell phone, your iPhone, you name it.

Tweet with me here, and let me know your experiences on it.

Also, quick note on Friday’s Party Patrol … we just changed the location.  If you don’t have tickets to Winterfest, join me at Double Jack’s in Algonquin.  It’s a brand-new bar!  Miller Lite prizes & specials, plus all-request country music all night.

I’m blogging a bit earlier in the morning than I usually do.  Roy’s almost finished with breakfast, so it’s play time.

Good thing, as I need a distraction from the new shoveling that will be needed.  Ugh.

I think all this snow does bring out the best in our neighbors though.  Have a neighborly story from the last few weeks?

Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.

0 You can’t afford to be unaware anymore

I read an article about recent credit & finance tightening over the weekend.  Even folks who thought they had great credit were finding their accounts frozen by anxious banks.

I followed the author’s suggestion and went online to download my free credit reports, plus our free credit score.

It’s amazing how much is at our fingertips this days.  A few keystrokes, and you can do just about anything.

Here are a few sites I think are a must-read, regarding the above:

Any idea how many websites you visit each day?  Your favorites?  Something new you just found?   Share with me.

Make it a great day, and thanks for playing!

0 I’m the redneck of our block

Did you miss Brad Paisley on the show yesterday?  He gave me the OK to be the redneck of my block, in addition to bragging about his mad high school winter sporting skills.  Click the Podcast page above, and you can listen to the entire conversation.

Something I’ve been thinking of for months – what can we do different to save money in today’s economy.  How are you trimming costs?  Jill & I are trying something new for our home phone, and it could save us up to $300 a year.

It arrived on Wednesday, and we love it so far.  If we’re still digging it in 2 weeks, I’ll tell you what it is, and we’ll officially drop our local & long distance home phone costs.

What’s the best way to save cash in today’s world?  Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.

0 It feels like a lifetime ago

Lots of new TV shows back on the tube this month, with fresh episodes to boot.  Nip/Tuck debuted last night on F/X, although we’ll catch it tonight on TiVo.  90210 had a fresh episode on the CW, and most other shows are back in the swing.

The biggest anticipation at our house?  The return of Lost on ABC on Wednesday, January 21st at 7pm … my wife Jill writes the Lost Blog each year, and plans another round for 2009.  You can catch up on her *very detailed* musings here.

What TV show are YOU most anticipating the return of?  Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.


Two other show notes:

  • I just found out that Brad Paisley will check in tomorrow afternoon after 6pm.  We last spoke to him at Halloween, so hopefully he’ll have some New Year insight for us.
  • I’ve joined the Twitter world – have you?   It’s just another way to keep in touch, in bite-size pieces.  TWEET away with me at the link above (on the index bar)!

0 Harder than I thought

On the surface, drinking eight glasses of water a day seems easy.  Right?  Wrong.

I had success yesterday, but I’ve never peed so much in my life.  Seriously!  Plus, I had to consciously be thinking, “OK, another hour, I need another glass.  Maybe if I break them into half-glasses, it’ll be easier?”

Regardless, I haven’t felt that good, as a whole, in a long time.  I’m already on glass #3 today (or is it 4?).

Speaking of success, Roy had a great pediatrician’s visit this morning for his 15-month check-up.  Amy & Delores there are big fans of the show, and usually give me a “happy visit” sticker too.  I don’t ask for them, really.  *wink*

By the way, do you remember the last time you lied to someone to spare their feelings?  Your spouse?  Your child?

I’ve got a fun story to share … let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.

1 Day 3, and still rolling

Today is Day 3 of my New Years’ resolutions, although I think of more importance, it’s the first year I’ve ever really done them.

But … day 3, and I’m still AOK.  I did add one more to the list, though — drinking *8* eight-ounce glasses of water a day.  Jill’s been on me for years to do it, but I never saw the point.  I know, I know.

Strangely enough, I’ve had 4 glasses so far today (it’s about 12:30pm), and I actually *feel* better than I have in a long time.

Glass of water right out of bed, still my cup of DD coffee, and more water.

Have you already given up on any NY resolutions?  Need a little encouragement? 

Let’s talk about it, today after 3pm.  On US*99.5!